Choreographer Richard James Allen enjoyed the opportunity
to work again with Dan Reisinger of Straighty180
and a large cast of fabulous dancers
on the new Gin Wigmore music video SOS.

~ "SOS" featured at New York's famed
Dance on Camera Festival on January 10, 2009,
in a special program entitled “Under the Influence of Busby Berkeley,” curated by Kriota Willberg

Click here to view on YouTube


Adrianne Semmens

Amanda Reichert

Avril Kahn

Ben Bonenti

Ben Felden

Bianca Schalke

Bob Beaver

Caroline Meaden

Christine Diefenbach

Christophorus Verheyden

Dani Bower

David Whatson

Don Herbison-Evans

Fiona Hulands

Hector Ortiz

Imogen Cranna

Jim Cutler

Jo Griffin

Kate Rees-Davies

Katerina Rajch

Kei Ikeda

Lara Dignam

Marija Bjelan

Mario Gerardi

Marttaleena Luukkonen

Nelson Cairelli

Sanmeet Anand

Stephanie Tatzenko

Steve Mclaren

Thea Xanthopoulos

Tiffany Antoniuk

Tim McArtney


Director: Daniel Reisinger, Straighty180

Producers: Trinni Franke and Diana Ward

Choreographer: Richard James Allen, The Physical TV Company

Director of Photography: Shing Fung Che

Production Designer: Katie Newton

Costume designer: Robyn Winwood-Smith

Assistant to the Choreographer: Imogen Cranna

(More credits to be added)

Rehearsal Photos:
Kyle Powderly
(see also Kyle's food-photography blog)

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